Macaw Parrots

Macaw parrots for sale uk .They are large members of the Macaw family, with a length of 76 – 91.5 cm (30 – 36 inches), and a wingspan ranging between 41 – 45 inches (104 – 114 cm). They weigh between 28 – 64 oz (0.8 – 1.8 kg)

Their plumage is vividly colored – with a mostly turquoise blue back and bright yellow underparts, although across their range some plumage variations have been noted, as some birds are described as being more orangey below – particularly on the chest. This may be a result of environmental factors, including diet.wegovy where to buy

The blue wings have green tips. The crown and forehead are green. The chin or throat is dark blue to black.Macaw parrots for sale

The bare face is white, turning pink in excited birds and wrinkled as they age. This bare area is lined with small dark green ranging to black feathers.

The large bill is dark grey-black, hooked and strong enough to crush even larger nuts. The beak also comes in handy when climbing around the trees. The dark grey feet are zygodactylous (with 2 toes pointing forward and 2 toes pointing backward) – an adaptation that helps them grasp securely the branches as they perch or move around in trees.Saxenda Kopen, macaw parrots

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